As You Walked Out The Door #Holidays #children #poem


My eyes glinted

the stars caught it

the misty tear “goodbye”

I tried so hard to hide


The first time you waved

that winning smile followed

my heart couldn’t believe

I’d get used to watching you leave


your deep voice fills the rooms

in memory’s spaces

and I fight back dreams

to shrink you back to three


but all that is left

an imprint of your laughter

captive of the autum’s glow

and your 7 foot shadow


as you walked out my door


leaves spinning

autumn’s dance floor is full

home is far behind

leaf dance

The prom pt at Chevrefeuille’s is Exodus. This haibun is a reflection of the final waltz of autumn as loved ones say their goodbyes.

I’m also sharing this with the Poetry Pantry where poets join to share a bit of warmth.


37 thoughts on “As You Walked Out The Door #Holidays #children #poem

  1. The missing is palpable here, Leslie. It is very hard to watch a person leave, especially if you either know they will not return, fear they will not, or don’t know when you will see them again. Sometimes all we have left is the memories, and with time even they fade…………


  2. parting can be so sad…as would be getting used to their leaving…
    as if it happened again and again…and you have to wonder, why?
    nice play on the season as well….

    hope you had a great thanksgiving moonie


  3. This is incredibly poignant and evocative. Especially the “misty tear goodbye” and the seven foot shadow……”your deep voice fills the rooms in memory’s spaces”………..oh, love and loss! How it stings!


  4. This reminds me so much of dating a girl and having left her at her door with a too short a kiss being buffeted by the autumn wind and blown leaves as I make my lonely way back home. Beautiful!


  5. __We may say good-by, but the door remains open, and the child keeps the key, as in your key poem… below. And I offer this senryu.
    grown now
    this child steps through lifes door
    love’s key


  6. there will always be a dread and aching when one’s children are grown up and they have to leave and start their own lives somewhere. sure, with today’s technology and social media, we can argue that’s it’s easy to keep in touch, but i think it will always be different.
    you poem so succulently expressed this emotion .


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