Bruised… #poetry #photography


this once content reed, flails

wind seeks to rip from mooring

torrent twists at peace

dusk to dawn, I wrestle

hot tears silent fall

gash displaces scars sewn shut


But light is on the horizon

before ink sets dry

warm breeze blanket will heal

soft rain cleases wounds

faith holds this vessel steadfast

hope will make me whole

This song reminds me that I need not be weighed down by life’s burdens


4 thoughts on “Bruised… #poetry #photography

  1. Beautifully written, Leslie. Our emotions can be like the seasons and weather – one moment it is dark and grey, but the next bright and sunny. The sun will always shine the next day no matter how cloudy it may be – and that is a glimmer of hope anything can happen. Love You Raise Me Up. It’s one of my favourite songs 🙂


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